Brand New Projekt

Brand New Project is a pergola aluminum system manufacturer that transforms your outdoor spaces into ideal living spaces with its creative designs. Our company, which operates in the areas of bioclimatic aluminum sliding roofs, pergola, fixed glass ceilings, winter gardens, glass systems and shading systems, is constantly expanding its customer portfolio with a high-quality product and service understanding. Our company, which produces according to international standards, has a range of products according to European standards. Our company, which closely follows technology and modern developments and collaborates with experts in its field, successfully fulfills its customers with its experienced managers and marketing department. It began serving in various regions of the world, especially in Europe, with the trust gained. With an innovative corporate culture, the management team has achieved a respectable position in the domestic and foreign markets with its technological investments and modern design approach. To be innovative, forward-looking, honest, hard-working, team-oriented, customer and quality-oriented, to value and trust people. We create a sense of belonging and trust with our customers and employees without compromising our professional ethics and moral values.

Our Mision

Our mission as a reputable brand is to be a reliable, efficient and innovative company that follows a customer-oriented service approach.

Our vision

To be one of the pioneering and dynamic companies in its field by offering high quality products and services with the understanding of continuous improvement in the subjects we serve.